Mark Makoway is a Juno nominated producer and a multi-platinum selling, Juno winning songwriter and performer. With over 20 years of music industry success, Mark brings world class talent and experience to every project he works on.

Making great music takes time and focused attention. As a boutique operation with our own state of the art facility (Rumblecone Studio) and a proven track record that has created hit records for 15 years, our priority has always been providing service and results to talented artists and never on juggling numerous projects at the same time.

From pre-production work right through to the delivery of mixed and mastered tracks, we provide a turn-key service and will create a flexible production schedule to suit your needs and deadlines. As a sought after mixer, Mark has a long history of providing artists and labels with chart topping hits and that continues today with no less than two #1 Canadian tracks on the Active Rock charts in the last 6 months (2015).

Check out Mark’s recent Producer feature in Professional Sound Magazine (pg 19).

Rumblecone is also available for short and long term facility rentals. Scroll down to STUDIO for more information.



    Great performances come from artists that are comfortable and uninhibited, not in a pressured corporate setting or feeling the weight of being on the clock. Our studio environment is a conscious balance of world class equipment and a relaxed atmosphere. Built for songwriters, designed for creating great music and enabling amazing performances.

    The studio is equipped with a comfortable 12’ x 25’ control room and a 10’ x 12’ live room, perfect for vocals, guitars and virtually any electric or acoustic instruments. The studio is an acoustically treated, neutral space designed for sonic fidelity, not enhancement. We are conveniently located in downtown Toronto with easy access, private parking and amenities nearby.

  • ANALOG/Digital

    Built on the state of the art Pro Tools HDX platform, our studio provides a perfect mix of powerful processing and digital convenience with an outstanding SSL console and a carefully assembled arsenal of analog vintage gear.

    The SSL AWS900+ SE console is a favourite of top studios, producers and mixers the world over. Along with a host of vintage equipment by Neve, Urei, Teletronix and Manley, etc., our analog tools deliver tried and true soundscaping on top of a state-of-the-art Pro Tools foundation.


    • Acoustically treated Control Room 12’ x 25’
    • Live Room 10’ x 12’


    • Pro Tools 11 HDX
    • 2 x 192 I/O with D/A cards for 16 inputs and 32 outputs
    • Cranesong Hedd 192


    • SSL AWS 900+ SE w/ 8 channels E series dynamics


    • Neve 1073 Preamp / EQ
    • 2 x Pultec EQM-1S3 EQs
    • Avalon 737sp Preamp / EQ / Comp
    • Manley Massive Passive stereo EQ
    • Drawmer 1961 stereo EQ
    • 2 x Urei 1176LN (Rev. C and F)
    • 2 x Urei LA3A
    • 2 x Empirical Labs Distressors w/ Brit Mod and Image link
    • Empirical Labs EL-7 Fatso
    • Teletronix U/A LA-2A
    • Smart Research C2 bus compressor
    • 3 x DBX 160x 2 x DBX 902 De-Esser modules
    • ART Pro VLA stereo compressor
    • TC Electronic Reverb 4000
    • 2 x Dolby 361 with sparkle mod
    • Masterlink
    • Korg DTR-1 Tuner


      1. Yamaha NS-10M / Hafler P3000
      2. Yamaha SW-10 Subwoofer
      3. 2 x Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
      4. Beyer Dyn DT770Pro Headphones


        1. Soundelux U99 tube condensor
        2. Neumann U87 (upon request)
        3. Neumann TLM 193
        4. Shure SM7 (upon request)
        5. AKG 414 B-ULS
        6. Apex 420 condensor
        7. 2 x Shure SM 57

        • Gibson Les Paul Heritage (1981)
        • Gibson Les Paul Custom (1979)
        • Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic
        • Fender Telecaster (Custom Shop)
        • Danelectro Jimmy Page model
        • Fender Precision Bass
        • Martin HD28
        • Guild F2-12 sting acoustic
        • Roland Rhodes MK-80

    Amps & Cabinets

    • Marshall JCM 800 Head
    • Marshall JMP Lead 50 Head
    • Marshall 1960B 4×12 Cabinet
    • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head
    • Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 Cabinet
    • Hiwatt DR-504 Head
    • Hiwatt 4×12 Cabinet
    • Vox AC-15 Combo
    • Vox 4×12 Cabinet
    • Fender Twin Reverb Combo
    • Sound City 50 Head
    • Ampeg Portaflex B12 Bass Amp
    • Kemper Profiling Amplifier


    • Massenburg Hi-Res EQ
    • Sonnox EQ, Dynamics, Transmod
    • Waves Platinum Bundle
    • Waves SSL Bundle
    • Waves CLA Classic Compressors
    • SSL Channel Strip / Dynamics
    • Brainworx ShredSpread
    • Bomb Factory 1176 & LA2A
    • Serato Pitch n Time Pro
    • Waves Tune
    • Melodyne Editor
    • Avid Eleven
    • Ampeg SVX
    • Sound Toys Echo Boy
    • Reverb One
    • TL Space Reverb
    • Crane Song Phoenix
    • McDSP Analog Channel
    • Sound Replacer
    • Native Instruments Komplete
    • Speakerphone

Selected Discography


Mark Makoway is a Toronto-based producer, mixer, songwriter and multiple Juno award winner. His production credits cover a spectrum of internationally renowned artists including Moist, Great Big Sea, Evans Blue, Sarah Slean, Hey Rosetta!, Matt Mays, David Usher and many other great artists.

As a producer and mixer, Mark’s tracks have sat atop the charts in Canada and internationally for years and that success continues. The last two radio singles which Mark both produced and mixed charted as the #1 Canadian tracks at Active rock for a combined 11 weeks over the last 6 months (2014-2015).

In 2002, Makoway was nominated alongside industry heavyweights Daniel Lanois and Bob Rock for the Producer of the Year Juno. That same year the Makoway produced and mixed album Morning Orbit by David Usher garnered the Juno for Pop Album of the Year.

Makoway is also author of the best-selling music industry guide: The Indie Band Bible. TIBB offers a comprehensive look at all aspects of forming a group, performing, recording, marketing and signing deals. With contributions from industry leaders including Terry McBride (Nettwerk Management), Denise Donlon (MuchMusic, Sony Music) and Mike McCarty EMI Music Publishing), TIBB has become an essential resource for musicians.

As lead guitarist of the Canadian rock band Moist, Makoway has co-written and produced smash hits, toured worldwide and sold over a million albums in Canada alone.


Studio Location

Rumblecone Studio is located in downtown Toronto at 402 Salem Avenue North near the major intersection of Dupont and Dovercourt. Salem Avenue is one-way southbound and must be accessed by Davenport Rd.

402 Salem Avenue North, Toronto, ON M6H 3E1
GPS Coordinates: 43.670751, -79.435819

Contact Information
Graeme McDonald @ Kharma Management

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